Tender Leg of Lamb

For the Lamb Rub

40 grams of ginger powder
60 grams of Ground Cumin
50 grams of Paprika
30 grams of Ground Coriander
5 grams of Garlic Powder

Blend all Spices together

For The Zaatar

80 grams of Thyme
80 grams of Ground Sumac
80 grams of Toasted Sesame Seeds

Blitz all Zaatar Ingredients till smooth

For the Pot Roast Liqueur

1 kilogram of Tomato Chopped Tinned
500 ml of Lamb Stock
100 grams of Chopped Leeks
50 gram of Chopped Onion
30ml of Vegetable Oil

For the Single Lamb Shanks Please Half the Recipe

Put the Oil in a Pan and brown off the leeks and Onions when brown add the tomatoes and bring to a simmer then add lamb stock and simmer for 5 mins again.

Add the Liqueurs to the pan half covering the lamb leg or completely covering the shank and put in the oven until cooked or roughly for three hours at 160 degrees.

For the Cous-Cous to Feed Four

50ml of Olive Oli
1 Bunch of Asparagus
5 Spring Onions
5 grams of fresh mint
20 grams of leek chopped
100 grams of courgettes
500 grams of Giant Cous-Cous (for Individual Portions Half the Recipe)

Hot Water to cover the cous-cous and cover the bowl with Cling Film and Leave to cook, blanch your Asparagus till al dente, Cut your Spring Onions, Courgettes and Leek to what size you would like. Add your Courgettes and Spring Onions to the Pan that you cooked you sauce in and deglaze while cooking the veg quickly to blanch and take the flavour from the deglazed pan, Take your cous-cous and add olive oil mix it through then add all of your chopped ingredients to you cous-cous.

Chop the mint and add to the cous-cous as well as a pinch of salt to taste

To assemble take lamb out of oven remove from cooking liqueur place lamb on a board and slice while you reduce the cooking liquor in a pan till blended again , Place cous-cous on plate add lamb to the top , Nape the sauce over the lamb and sprinkle zaatar over the lamb ready to serve.