The history of food in Britain divides neatly into two periods – before Mosimann and after Mosimann.” Loyd Grossman

At Mosimann’s, cuisine takes centre stage. Our motto of “passion for excellence” has characterised Anton Mosimann’s revolutionary innovations in fine food since the earliest days, and remains superbly evident in every flavour that graces the palate in a Mosimann’s culinary experience.

In the past “good food” and “food that is good for you” were seen as mutually exclusive: food could be either one or the other but never both. The basic principles of good cooking and Anton Mosimann’s style of cooking have always been to use the freshest ingredients and prepare them in a way that brings out their flavour and goodness. We do not use oil, butter, cream or alcohol and have reduced the use of salt and sugar. These ingredients undoubtedly have their rightful place in good cooking but they can have deleterious effects as well. When possible, we use low fat equivalents of traditional ingredients – natural yoghurt, fromage blanc, tofu; and our sauces are based on pure stocks made from meat, fish or vegetables. As a result the visual effect of our dishes are lighter, clearer and the natural flavour is not overpowered.

“Nothing comes solely by chance.”

The all-important qualities, Mosimann never ceases to point out, are planning, self discipline, energy, hard work and luck of course.