Friday 3rd November 2023

Join us for an exclusive James Bond evening.

Experience Marina Simioni’s captivating voice, accompanied by music from the iconic 007 movies. You will immerse yourself in a setting transformed to recreate classic scenes from the movies: an evening of espionage, elegance and entertainment awaits you. Be a part of the unforgettable Bond experience!

Marina Simioni is a professional pop and soul singer whose talent and charm has graced many stages across the globe. From her early years, Marina discovered a deep passion for performing, seamlessly fusing the two genres to create a unique sound that has become her musical signature.

Marina’s vocal performance and stage presence will leave you with a night to remember!

Join us for a la carte dinner and for just an additional £15 per person you will enjoy a fantastic performance to accompany your meal.

To book a table, please call 020 7235 9625 or email [email protected]

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