What should I wear?

Comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet for a good while. If you are going on to the Club, smart attire

I am very nervous in the Kitchen and I have little cooking experience…

The classes are small and the Chef will look after you individually so each person can go at there own pace.

Do I need to bring Knives, Aprons etc…?

No, we provide you with Chef Jackets or Aprons and all cooking equipment

Do I have to bring ingredients?

No, all ingredients are provided by the Academy.

Can I park my car at the Academy?

No, but there is metered parking available in the street up till 4.30pm and it is free after that. However it is recommended you use the other means of transport suggested (refer to map and directions)

Do we get taken to the club if we are having a meal there?

Yes, all transport is included in the price

How old do I have to be to attend a course?

In general from 18, but younger students may be considered.

What age are the people who attend?

All ages, usually between 18 and 70

When do I need to pay?

You may pay by card and we request full payment on enrolling.

Do the fees include VAT?

Yes (for the courses), unless stated otherwise. (Corporate)

What happens if I can't attend the course?

Our cancellation policy is that we will either refund your money or place you on another class up to one week before the course.

How many people are there in a class with how many staff?

Usually 12 people with 1 teacher/chef and a Kitchen Porter

Where are you situated?

In Battersea, the map is on our contact page.

Do you have a restaurant or outside catering division?

Yes, we have Mosimann’s Party Service and Mosimann’s Private Members Club. We also have a Merchandise range. Please see the website for more detail.